Finished items 150-159

More finished items for various people  some are Christmas presents other are for parties Jack is going to and one is even for me! 
I got an order from the craft fair for a pink bunny. I’ve made it and email the lady twice now and received no reply. 

Next I made the boys a penguin keyring each in special colours just for them.  Jack takes his to school on his booking and Tobin keeps his at home to play with. 

I made a Diego Halloween toy for,  we’ll me I guess. I love the look of the patterns and as soon as I saw this set come up I bought it and made him the same day . 

I also made myself some Ridgeline gloves. 

Next is a Christmas present that I wanted to get working on early because it’s so big. This is the Rings of change blanket by Frank O’randle. 

The next three items are ones I’ve made before. The shy little unicorn by Anna Paula Rimoli. These are for parties Jack is going to in November. 

The last item is a poppy for someone at work. 

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