Easter at home

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope you all had a good day! We were supposed to be going to Paul’s aunts for lunch today but thanks to the bug we’ve come down with we cancelled and spent the day at home. Me and Tobin seem to be ok today, neither of us have much of an appetite but have had food and kept it down so lets hope that it was just a quick bug this time. Paul has been feeling ill for most of the day and has been sick but says he feels better for it. I hope he feels better quickly because he’s working tomorrow so could do without feeling sick again.

Paul and Tobin spent some time on the playstation 3 today playing Book of Wonders, it’s really clever and Tobin loves it. I must admit, I enjoy watching them play, mainly because I test my Potter knowledge and see if I know the spell incantations before they come up….yes I am that sad I’m afraid!! I got to play a bit with Tobin when Paul went up for a bath and its really good fun. Paul says I should play through it myself, I might do but to be honest I don’t think I’ll get the time. I’ve got a PS2 up here I should play on more.


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