Boy on the mend…hopefully

I finally got an appointment for Jack at the doctors today, albeit at gone 5pm. The doctor is fairly pleased with how he is and says he doesn’t look dehydrated at all and that I can feed him whatever he will eat now that the sickness seems to have stopped. I gave him some pasta for tea and a bit of his milk. He didn’t eat a lot but to be honest I’m not eating much at the minute because of the bug so I know how he feels and I won’t push him too much just yet. We have just got him down to give him a bottle before we go to bed and so far we have a clean nappy so I’m hoping the runs are almost over. I’ve probably cursed it now but he seems to be getting back to normal.

I only wish I was feeling better, I was awake in the night visiting the bathroom but when I woke up this morning my stomach wasn’t as painful and I didn’t have to rush off to the loo so I thought maybe that was that but by mid morning the pain had increased and I was back in the bathroom and have been for the rest of the day. I even took some tablets to try and stop it so I could take Jack to the doctors but they weren’t much use so I’m hoping it passes soon because I don’t think I can manage an afternoon at work like this, I somehow don’t think my work colleagues would thank me either.

I have eaten a little tonight, some crackers and probiotic yogurt and I bought some sport drink with salt and minerals in to try and rehydrate myself. I didn’t touch any water last night even though Paul told me too, it was just cramping my stomach up too much so I’ve been very thirsty today and had nothing in the house but water and cordial so I had a quick trip to the shop and picked up some essentials for the people who are still eating in the house!

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