Blogging early and finished project 9

I’ve decided to do my post a little earlier today, I have a few spare minutes before Tobin goes to bed and he’s busy playing Sly Racoon on the PS3 with Paul. My posts have been getting more and more rushed recently so I wanted to have time to do it tonight.

I meant to take a picture of my nephews Sackboy that I made him for Easter but my sister came around to drop my birthday card in early yesterday morning and I gave my niece and nephew the gifts and completely forgot I needed a picture so my finished project 9 has no photo for now. If I see the Sackboy at my sisters when I next visit I’ll take a quick picture.

I took delivery of one of my birthday purchases today, the Hama beads I ordered with my Amazon vouchers. I only ordered black and grey because I want to attempt to make a Nintendo controller tissue box cover for my gamer boyfriend…whoops fiancĂ©. I always forget to call him that. I’m waiting for my perfume I ordered to be delivered, I’m looking forward to having a new smell although I’m fairly lucky and have a few really nice perfumes (well, I really like them). I’m not very girly but I did get into having perfume when I was about 20 and try and have a few bottles. My favourite so far is Chanel Chance, it’s horrendously expensive but I only use it on special occasions. I have some CK One, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Paul Smith Floral, soon I’ll have CK Obsession Night. I also have a Sanctuary perfume that I think someone got for me from Boots, which I tend to wear most days. I like having some variety.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight, I could start on the tissue box cover or do some crochet. I can’t decide, I’ve had a few days off the gym thanks to this cold. I’m not going to rush going back, I do miss it but with the frequency of my bouts of illness I want to rest up and make sure I’m up to it. I’m now coughing nicely so I don’t think I’d be able to tackle the treadmill. I might try and go tomorrow if I feel better but I’m going to try not to put any pressure on myself.


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