Birthday visiting and a new routine

We went to see Paul’s Mum today to give out birthday presents for his Mum and Sister who share the same birthday. It was good for Tobin to see his gran, she used to look after him a few days a week so he got used to seeing her a lot but now he goes to nursery all week he doesn’t get to see her so much. We live probably about 15 miles away so its not so easy to just pop in and with everybody’s hectic schedules it can be tricky to get together.

I had to book to see a trainer at the gym this evening so that I can tweak my routine. Its just too long so I wanted to see if it could be streamlined. The trainer I saw didn’t seem to think the workout I’d been set was the best. It would seem there is a difference of opinion between the staff as to what is a good level on certain machines. He told me that the level I was doing for 20 minutes on the stepper is too high for me to really be getting the right form to work my muscles correctly. We will see tomorrow when I tackle the new and hopefully improved routine if he is right. I’m just glad its shorter, its come down from 2 hours to an hour and 25 minutes so I may get home before Paul falls asleep at night!

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