Bank Holiday Monday, I suppose

Today is Easter Monday and a bank holiday but we didn’t do anything really. Paul works all bank holidays now so its normally just me and the boys finding something to do. Today with our tummies seemingly on the mend (Jack’s isn’t quite there yet) we went to the shop and got some chocolate for Tobin and Paul.

I got Tobin a little drawing pad so he can take it out and about with him, he loves to draw and always has a pen in his hand. He’s been busy filling it in already.

Jack had a big nap this afternoon so Tobin and I got time to play with Play-doh. He was erm, kind enough to pose for some pictures!

Oh yes and I forgot to mention it yesterday, I’ve ordered some wool from America so I’ll have a post about it when it arrives. I was supposed to wait for my birthday but there was a 15% discount that ended today so I’ve ordered a little early.

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