Amigurumi catch up – 09.04.2022 – Crochet Vlog

I followed the video tutorial for the Crochet Blanket Chevron pattern, I’m working on another one now in the white yarn I showed in the video. The lady at Jack’s school liked the look of this one I made.

The Dabbling Hook Octopus can be found here, it’s a great pattern!

The rainbow bunny can be found on Etsy, I saw the lovely Debi of MyLittleBlueHouse make one and had to go and buy the pattern.

Harry the Hippopotamus is super cute, here’s the link to AllFromJade’s instagram where you can choose where to buy her patterns from.

The goat is from Grim Grinning Goats, I’ve wanted to make one of them for ages and love the outcome of this one. I fixed the horn by the way.

The FOR blanket is a Hooked on Sunshine pattern which was originally a crochet along, I’m really enjoying it but it’s sadly been put to the side for now while I work on a birthday present for my niece and a baby blanket for a member of staff at Jack’s school.

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