Amigurumi April 19.04.19 – crochet vlog

Not much crochet got done today, after a lovely and very much needed night out with my dear friend I woke up with a bit of a headache. So of course the kids wanted to go to the park and run around! We decided to go and get some fresh air and sun, the boys had a slushie each and even bumped into some friends to play with.

After a bit of faffing trying to source a bike for Jack which in the end didn’t pan out I finally got sat down to figure out which ami I’d be working on next. I’ve decided to give Audrey II some love and finally finish him up. I’m apadting a pattern by Aradiya Toys to make him and it is for the Musicals MAL being hosted by Amber of Ooh Aah Crochet please go over and check her out. She is super talented and makes some awesome and sometimes cheeky projects and always makes me smile!!

I also got to work on the Yvette Granny Shawl while I was at the park and a little after lunch, the pattern is by Laurell of The Dabbling Hook here on YouTube

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