11 months and counting

Yes, Tobin is now 11 months old and is changing so much every day. We have been looking at birthday presents for him today, it just seems so odd. I don’t think I was even venturing out much this time last year and the difference in all of us is staggering.

I feel very lucky to have Paul and Tobin, to have a good baby and a loving partner has meant a lot to me and I feel like a very different person to the one I was a few years ago. I can rememeber thinking that I would never have children and didn’t think I would be, I suppose there were reasons for me feeling like that and now those reasons are no longer a factor in my life and I’m so glad. I wouldn’t change a thing!

I have been looking at my pregnancy diary to see if I had an entry for this date last year. I have one on the 2nd September in which I’m pretty optimistic of having the baby (we didn’t know the sex) before my due date and I even mentioned that I’d had tightening so thought labour would be imminent. In reality, I had another 28 days to go from that point. It made me laugh reading on from there, the next enrty is the 14th September in which I’m mad that baby still hasn’t come and I’ve only got two days to my due date. I then write on the 18th, 19th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th and 29th September, getting more and more annoyed and upset in each one. Detailing my many visits to the midwife for blood pressure checks, almost begging for a reason to be taken in before my induction date, then the disaster of having my induction cancelled.

It’s nice to have those reminders and I would recommend it to anyone who is having a baby. I just wrote whenever I had the time and even the really small things are nice to have documented, especially the birth. Write it down as soon after as you can, I did mine two days after Tobin was born and I was already getting hazy on the sequence of events. There is so much going on in a short space of time but it’s so special it really is worth doing.

Meanwhile Tobin is now incredibly mobile and is pulling himself up to standing and is now starting to take a few steps with us. That is until the camera starts rolling then he plants his bum firmly on the floor.

Still no teeth, his bottom front teeth are there. You can just see them under the gums but as yet they haven’t broken through. We aren’t having as many bad days as we were a few weeks ago so maybe its the calm before the storm, who knows.

I will try and post something from my pregnancy diary if I get the chance. I’ll pick one of my funny stressed out days. I’m sure most Mum’s have the days where you would probably have paid any amount of money to get the baby out!

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